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i'm hyesu I'm 6teen and my life is just like 6teen the cartoon. Well not anymore cuz i dont really go out so much. i'm a fun guy who likes to live the good life ^3 <- thumbs up
A long time ago i was born on dec 26 2003
My pronouns are her/she At time of publishing (27/6/2020) my favorite game of ALL TIME is earthbound my eyes feel like raisin cuz i cant stop playing it i love ness and paula and jeff and POO who has the best name in all of the series and hes my favorite character, POO. when someone asks you who my favorite character is, just smile sweetly and go 'she loves poo :)'
I LIKE TO video game... code around... zine it up, draw it down, make music sometimes and create things in general and im also hella good at rollerblading and kind of good at skateboarding and i dance and jumpstyle and crack my back on chairs. I do a lot more but those are the things i do most
MY FAVORITE WEBSITE OF ALL TIME is ishkur.com, ishkur's guide to electronic music 3.0. i love it so much cuz I found out about ishkurs guide to electronic music 2.2 when i was 11 and for 4 years I just kept browsing it over and over and over again and if flash dies and the site gets shut down I dont even care cuz i think ive memorized every single description and song on there. it is my favorite website
I was born in the year of the goat... i'm a capricorn and i just finished taking the enneagram test cuz i see ppls results around but i never knew what that shit meant. Apparently im a type seven and type three and it says that type 7s are just wanna have as much fun and adventure as possible and theyre enthusiatic and easily bored, and that type threes are achievers who want to be admired and are very conscious of their public image. Cool stuff! im an ENTP too based on the homosexual meyers briggs test but i dont remember what that means . i took it when I was 13 so it might not even be true anymore

have fun swinging by my net-place, my little room on the web... Thats all! Stick around and take the scenic route...


i am keona
keona i am
i am keona green eggs and ham

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