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Dizzy's Interests

Music: anabolic frolic, trixxy, bang!
Movies: night at the roxbury
Television: Fanboy & chumchum
Books: captain underpants
Heroes: mmmm.... Ham n cheese. A nice tasty hero wrap

Dizzy's Details

Status: ready for take-off
Orientation: northeast
Religions pastafarian
Occupation d-d-d-d-deejay

Dizzy's Blurb

About Dizzy:

This is Dizzy. She is a raver and a dj, a big vinyl hound twiddling knobs to the soul soundscape... Her favorite synth is a roland w-30 and her setup is a turntable case on a stack of milkcrates. she is extremely well versed in the sweet language of electronic music of all walks, shapes, and sizes and seeks out new records, sounds, and loops every day. She met Chantel in the chill out room Dizzy was harshing the mellow of, and now theyre dating 1st and best pals 2nd, living in the same house, teaching each other new things everyday. like how to start living an ascetic lifestyle and let go of all material being, and how to do that raspberry noise with your armpit. Her fashion is wacky and her mom is cool, and her real name is Sarsaparilla.

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