Pig Pig is a tattoo artist who revels in trashy extravaganza... just a big party animal who likes to get up down and around. she loves her own clothes, being loved, top 40s cds, being friends, and acting like a large ham... When she and jenna walk into a room and there is kind of a lame party going on, THAT is when the party starts, and she thought high school was so dope. She can kind of be a conceited bitch though. She really just loves attention too much for her own good and it makes her really unstable. She is pretty attention-whorey. She makes being histrionic fashionable!

Hey. real talk. Lets get real... She is actually quite dependent on people, not in a siphoning way but in a performative way. She gets frustrated from being alone and she almost has this, like, audience/performer view on life and if shes not really feeling up to it or kind of socially depleted it totally kills her because it feels like she failed herself... UGH its so sad because in all other aspects shes such a happy person and its just 100% her achilles heel in life. She lives in a trailer and spends periods of time sitting on the roof of it getting fucking philosophical. Yes, she actually gets pretty bent out of shape over like consumerism and self commodification and the normalization of that culture in life. Other than that she is a lot of fun to be around, and different from Jenna in the fact that if you spend the night there is a lesser chance of waking up halfway across the country with like 5 new tattoos and no money. Her real name is Sonya. thats all, and welcome to Pig Pigs world B)


hair: wigalicious
eyes: beguiling
attire: bold t-shirts with cringe sayings on them, shirt dresses that fit because shes like 4 foot, over-accesorizing, anything that makes an annoying jangley sound when you walk, animal print everything, 6 inch pumps or fuzzy slippers (especially when outside)