Hoorayy <3<3<3!!!! U made it!!!
WHALECOM to the abiut page!!!!
Alright all u nosy folks out there (wel, i cant blame U, im the same way...) Here's the basik gist on me:
My name is dizzy, well rlly its Sarsaparilla but i make music under that name and its basicaly what ppl call me now at partays. DIZZAAAAYYYY!!!!! c? rolls rite off the tongue!
I live in toronto & even though it is not at all terrible, Im actually kind of eager to leave && expand base and stuff. Im now in the beginning of my junior year and my plans for the future r turning tables as my main thing, waiting tables if i go broke, & I kind of have a passion and stuff for hair things like dying and chopping and cutting SO i might go to hair school cuz its great to learn & knowledge is power and stuff

So In my free time, I luv chilling with my girls and fellas... my true homeyheads and homeyheadettes. I luv clubbin and raves, & pretty much dancing of any sort. music is my main thing & i love it cuz it is a really satisfying process for me to like be able to portrya a really solid tune in my head so correctly down on the synth? is like it that 4 anyone else?
Annyhoo that's pretty much the novel of my life for right now! U can wake up now LOL sorry if I bored you.
BTW! the next rave Ill be attending is gonna be Freakin 2009. If u happen to recognize me there, say HI! and tell me U saw my homepage!

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