CoMeWiT mE

::HuGgZ:: N PLUR Every1! This is my dizzalicious rave page!!!
So check it all out -N- enjoy!


U herd it hear 1rst folkz!! i finaly made my OwN WEBSITE!
frankly to be honest, i think it looks deliciosuly dOpEaLiCiOUs. i stuffed it 2 tha brim with a lotta pics n gifs n links n shit (forgive me
my dial up compadres!!) so just click arund n stuffs and have a gay old time. OK!! THATS ALL!! HAVE FUN!!!

GoT gLoWsTiCkS??

Lights r dope.i know ppl lik 2 watch them when they are fuked up but i just think their hella kewl.

I freakin lerv these trippy little wierd gif word things ppl send me sumtimes

Like Whoa.. What the hell?.

if you look real close, u can see a flying dog!

*:*mOrE aBoUt Me*:*
:~:wHaT Is a kAnDi kId aNyWaY?:~:
RaVE sHit!!!
.:.ThE DnCeFloOr.:.