So considering this is my favorite movie of all time i thought itd be fitting to make it the first here... two years ago while on a plane ride i was doing the usual, you know kicking the back of the seat of the person in front of me and annoying the stewardesses, but after that got old i was bored-ly browsing the movie catalogue. waynes world's movie cover stuck out at me.... and so our story begins
anything with a laugh track is punishable by stoning in my house so I didnt watch snl, and waynes world comes from a bunch of skits they did on there. So going into it, i had no idea what to expect... and i recommend that for best viewing, to go into this movie having no idea what to expect. its basically an antics #1 movie, about these two best pals wayne and garth, who are these dopeass protorockers who do a cable show in their basement. then this suave but skeezy guy played by the parks and rec man comes along and wants to swipe it to pimp it out for his sponsers but that only really comes up like once or twice. i like basically every scene in this movie and It is just bundles of fun and i never get bored even when watching once twice or thrice. i do the foxy lady dance in my room sometimes and this movie is just the visual equivalent of eating a royale with cheese.

Alice cooper:
i think one of the most interesting aspects of Milwaukee is the fact that it's the only major american city to have ever elected three socialist mayors.
Wayne (competely enthusiastically): DOES THIS GUY KNOW HOW TO PARTY OR WHAT?

Man that was a good movie. its wacky and its like the opening sequence of napoleon dynamite, if you have seen it, with all the foods made to look like opening credits but like a whole movie. ok, so that makes it sound really homosexual but trust me its FUN! i think it might be my second most favorite movie. i watched it for the first time a long time ago, so maybe thats why. its fun to keep up with and the visuals are really appealing to me, they are spy-foxy (but in real life) and big chunky extreme colorful and cartoonish and i always like it when they curse in nickleodeon movies. i also liked the yoyo scene when i first saw it because you wouldnt think they would know how to balance some pathos correctly in the movie but they do and its done pretty good so it has always stuck to me a little bit. my only warning however is that IT GETS ABLIEST! theres the scene where good burger's business rival mondoburger's ceo gets dexter and ed thrown into an psych ward and everybody's wearing strait jackets and its just played off for comedy very strangely.

Dexter reed's teacher:
Well, well, Brother Reed. You have messed up my afro.

Not bad... for a rom drama.. this is an anime about this chick who turns into a cat sometimes with this cat mask, but most of the time was spent focusing on her relationship with this plain bread dude. There was totally no chemistry between to the 2 romantic leads... they spend most of the movie apart, and when they are together its basically just the girl going nutso and the guy going -_____- leaf me olone! Another thing was that it was hella long. it felt like 2 hours but i think it was like a quarter less than that. i started watching it with my parents over some takeout but my mom left halfway through because shes watching when the camelia blooms right now and i think shes at the good part. i did like those cat spirit tree scenes though. made me think of breath of the wild.. and the animations pretty good. i thought the main girl was a well written character but how everybody else reacted around her wasnt. i rate it 6 out of 10 cats.

I am not in danger, Skyler. I am the danger. A guy opens his door and gets shot and you think that of me? No. I am the one who knocks.

WELL , i chose a random ass movie to watch in the empty period where my tech teacher ends class to early and my bio teacher starts class way late. i just had that panda scene in my head cuz i saw it a long time ago and didnt think it was from a movie. So i watched it. theres no plot if you didnt know, it is just the mtv jackass boys giving themselves brain damage for like 90 mins, they shoot rockets out their ass and destroy cars and then slam each other into stuff in panda suits and dress up as old people and slam into each other with scooters in public and electrocute their nuts and climb over sharks and stuff. OH YEAH. ALSO . THERE IS THE 'SUPER WEDGIE ' SKIT WHERE THEY HANG A JOCKSTRAP FROM A TREE AND JUMP INTO IT AND ONE OF THEM JUUMPED INTO IT AND THEY LOOKED INTO IT AND THERE WAS BLOOD ON IT. AND THEY WERE LIKE DID THE WEDGIE MAKE YOUR BUTTHOLE BLEED.? AND HE WAS LIKE NO UH YEA MY BUTTHOLE WAS JUST DOING THAT BEFORE. IT WAS ALREADY BLEEDING. yeah and someone wiped some fucking skidmarks on the jockstrap when they checked it at the end and i threw up in my omuth. i thought the old man skit was kind of funny...yeah... sure... skin me.. nail me on a cross for it... DONT watch the movie. I thought i was gonna see some cool two-oh-oh-two fashion too but i DIDNT nobody wears cool clothes they just get naked and set themselves on fire all the time. i just skipped through all the boring parts anyway and thats how i managed to watch the whole thing in 30 mins

I feel like my eyes have gonorrhea.

cathode tube t.v
youre the perfect screen for me
it may be small it may be squat
i turn up the volume and still go WHAT?
but i know that youll always be there
from jerry springer to fresh prince, bel air
and even when flatscreens are the newest craze
i'll always know where my heart lays!!!!!
ODE TO A CATHODE (c) by me
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