talula does the hula in hawaii characters

ratatat - drugs
it straight up smells like spiders in here
JUST LETTING YOU KNOW all the descripts from the characters page is copy and pasted from my art fight which is tonyhawk. ill change it later...
ok so this page just leads you to the 404 page cuz i think it looks really dope.
my movie reviews

i'll make this look better later but TWO NEW PAGES! other site place where i will put buttons and .... ILLUSTRATION page where i will put so many drawings! i love making my website

8/16/20 Heres 1 more cool thing i found out...if you type javascript:alert(document.lastModified) into the search bar and hit enter then it will tell you the last time it was modified... you can do this on ANY page

Coming soon to your friendly neighborhood happyhardcore site near you

-finish all character pages & thumnails
-animationg page AAAAWWWW YYEAAAHHH
-add illustrations page
-PISS and SHIT comic

20/8/2020 - when I listen to this song i dance &dance and dance in my chair and room

dont click on this nothing will happen and you will have had been pwowned. i just started throwing random shit from webarchive on here for a sense of decorum

      _/.-.-.\_     _
     ( ( o o ) )    ))
       |/  "  \|    //
      \'---'/    //
      /`"""`\\  ((
     / /_,_\ \\  \\
     \_\\_'__/ \  ))
     /`  /`~\  |//
    /   /    \  /
,--`,--'\/\    /
 '-- "--'  '--'
     w  c(..)o   (
      \__(-)    __)
          /\   (
         w /|
          | \
         m  m